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July 01 2015

Duncan and Colton Keith
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Hudler spills all...

June 30 2015

Connor McDavid, seriously he looks about 15.

June 29 2015

Sean Monahan and Brandon Bollig



@god. Dont let this happen. Think of the children. Think of pat kane's liver.

Reblogging for that last bit

That's one way to do it...
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NHL Teams As Boyfriends
Anaheim Ducks: Acts like a tough guy to all his friends but is secretly obsessed with Disney
Arizona Coyotes: Always in the middle of an identity crisis
Boston Bruins: Local bad boy who might be the reason you're in the hospital
Buffalo Sabres: Extremely loyal but he and all his friends are losers
Calgary Flames: The dork who suddenly became really hot
Carolina Hurricanes: Very family oriented
Chicago Blackhawks: The popular jock who can't be without his boys
Colorado Avalanche: You're pretty sure he's high all the time
Columbus Blue Jackets: Friends with all your ex-boyfriends and it's getting weird
Dallas Stars: He claims he scored with the hottest girl at school but you know it's bullshit
Detroit Red Wings: The sex lasts all night, but you'll never finish.
Edmonton Oilers: Used to be the most attractive guy you knew but now he's washed up and you can't help but feel bad
Florida Panthers: Eats all alone at lunch
Los Angeles Kings: No one is quite sure how that douchebag gets so many girls
Minnesota Wild: Brings you chipotle at work and gives the best hugs, but he just wants to cuddle
Montreal Canadiens: The hot foreign boy from a rich family
Nashville Predators: His southern charm has you listening to a lot of country music lately
New Jersey Devils: His best qualities disappeared with time
New York Islanders: Your friend's little brother who suddenly has abs and killer facial hair
New York Rangers: Picks you up on dates in his father's Aston Martin wearing Hugo Boss
Ottawa Senators: Best hair you'll ever see
Philadelphia Flyers: The one-night stand with the messy bathroom
Pittsburgh Penguins: Triple sport athlete who sucks up to the professor for good grades
San Jose Sharks: Arrested at a party for indecent exposure
St. Louis Blues: Although he's a great guitar player, his band only plays in underground bars
Tampa Bay Lighting: Full ride to Harvard and wears nothing but Sperrys and pastel-colored shorts
Toronto Maple Leafs: You went on one date with him and he picked his nose the whole time
Vancouver Canucks: Seems to have his life under control except for the time he threatened to burn your house down
Washington Capitals: Puberty was not kind to him, but he can rock you in bed
Winnipeg Jets: New kid with witty one-liners
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Just sayin, they traded Lucic and Hamilton...

June 28 2015

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Goalie trades during the draft.
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Ahhh, hockey sarcasm.
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June 27 2015

The #Isles select Andong Song with the 172nd pick. Song is the first ever Chinese-born player selected. A native of Beijing, China, Song moved to North America at age nine. He captained China at the 2015 U-18 World Jr. Championships (D-II). x
Connor McDavid, Jack Eichel, and Dylan Strome (1,2,3)

2015 NHL Award Recipients
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